Register Now! ONLINE Writing Circle begins the 12th of May, 2018

Saturday Afternoon Circle starting on the 12th of May, 2018.  Why Saturday Afternoon?  Because folks with full-time jobs are creative!


The Paradox Practice Writing Circle

(Writing is Listening, Listening is Witnessing)

Thoughts and dreams and the whispers of the other voices inside your heart are Fluttery Things—fleeting, ethereal messages rising from the bottom of the well.   Writers capture Fluttery Things during the upward drift in a way that honors the transcendent spirit filled with light and the underworld dark magic of the soul, as well as the everyday grace found in the simple acts of daily life.

If you long for writing then I invite you to join The Paradox Practice Writing Circle.

Writers write, and the Circle is where you get out of your own way.  You don’t need a plan.  You don’t need any experience.  You just need to show up in the Circle, and together we will focus on selected poems that will serve as writing prompts.  We’ll write together, and then we’ll read our writings.  Over the course of the weeks, you’ll establish a habit of writing as a contemplative practice in a supportive, safe environment.

The Circle is not about sentence structure or grammar rules, so there is no need to worry about being graded or edited.  As a practice, the Circle is designed to get your loud-mouthed inner critic out of the driver’s seat long enough for you to hear your soft-spoken inner teacher instead.  Who knows what secrets you might decide to share with yourself as you write?

For me, a contemplative writing practice helps reduce stress, develop empathy, tap into innate creativity, and enhance a compassionate approach to being in relationship with myself, with others, and with life itself.  These are the potential benefits to joining in the Circle.

The Paradox Practice Writing Circle is a contemplative approach to writing is both practical and radical.  The transformative power of a sustained writing circle practice rests in the creation of a space designed to quiet the mind and to support reflection in a social context.  Thus, our Writing Circle is built on the Touchstones set forth below:

  • What gets said in the Circle, stays in the Circle.
  • No fixing or saving or correcting one another in the Circle *ever*!
  • Attend to your own inner teacher during the Circle, know that you can take away from the Circle whatever it was that you needed from it, and practice faith that seeds planted during the Circle will root in the days beyond.


Cost:  $150 for the 6-week series paid via PayPal.

Spaces Available:  Minimum of 4, Maximum of 7.

Location:  Online video platform.  You need a stable internet connection and a camera/microphone (which most laptops have already!).

Dates/Times:  6 Saturdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, running from the 12 of May through the 23rd of June (except, No Circle on Saturday the 2nd of June).

How?  Just send an email to Madly: